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Trust and the Internet

Perhaps brings to the table Mr. Reagan’s quote “Trust but Verify” or the rather old saying “numbers never lie but liars use numbers“ From the Atlantic: How the Professor Who Fooled Wikipedia Got Caught by Reddit T. Mills Kelly encourages his students to deceive thousands of people on the Web. This has angered many, butRead… Read more »

Appropriate Use of Communication Mediums

Approrpriate Use of Communication Mediums at Work Information Greatly Appreciated I have created a chart on the appropriate use of communication mediums in the workplace for my next book Workplace Savvy. Need to validate the information I have already collected. Questions What work situations are appropriate for the use of the following mediums? What doRead… Read more »

Would appreciate suggestions on what gov 2.0 topics you want to learn more about

Hi GovLoopers 🙂 I am strongly considering submitting a speaking proposal to The National Association of Government Webmasters for their upcoming conference. While there are various subjects I could pitch and speak to, would like to know what suggestions you have on perhaps what topics you believe are most helpful to learn more about. OutRead… Read more »