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Text Messaging vs. Mobile Instant Messaging

/> Over the course of the last year, I have noticed a rapidly rising organizational interest amongst my clients in using “text messaging” for communications purposes; specifically for opt-in notifications. The main reasons are quite obvious: 26.3% of Canadian households have no land-line (Convergence Consulting Group, 2014) The smartphone penetration rate is now at aRead… Read more »

Do You Text with Your Boss?

Perhaps five years ago, texting was mainly for teens. Now days, everyone texts. All ages for all reasons. I text with my mother, my sister, my wife, and my friends on all things from quick thoughts to photos. But I never used to text for work. Something about it just felt wrong. And then theRead… Read more »

Keeping the Jargon Out of Public Communication

Every field has its specialized vocabulary, and public administration is no exception. There is value to this shorthand, commonly referred to as jargon. We can communicate more efficiently and readily identify kindred spirits. The disadvantages seep in when we use professional jargon for public consumption. When specialized language is used in articles or speeches writtenRead… Read more »

Government, Go Mobile in 2012. Do It Right 4

By Andreas Muno Last week we discussed how smaller mobile devices have made it cheaper and easier for public security and field services workers to do their jobs efficiently. And, how as an added benefit, citizens have become more engaged and are taking some of the burden off of governments. This week we are goingRead… Read more »

CB2: GroupMe Gets the Gov2.0 Treatment

It’s always great when you discover something that’s not only fun but can make your job easier. Recently I became aware of a service named GroupMe that enables you to instantly define a group of friends or co-workers and text them all at once with a single number. To give it a try, I setRead… Read more »

Appropriate Use of Communication Mediums

Approrpriate Use of Communication Mediums at Work Information Greatly Appreciated I have created a chart on the appropriate use of communication mediums in the workplace for my next book Workplace Savvy. Need to validate the information I have already collected. Questions What work situations are appropriate for the use of the following mediums? What doRead… Read more »