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Cleared Job Seeker: “Face Time with Employers at Industry Job Fairs Is Invaluable”

One of the many security cleared job seekers attending today’s Cleared Job Fair, whom we’ll refer to as Ms. C, is currently employed yet exploring new opportunities for a Senior Logistics position. Her job search has, to date, been active for about a month or so. She learned of today’s Cleared Job Fair from an online calendar listing she bumped into while surfing the web and decided to visit on her lunch hour.

After researching various jobs on the ClearedJobs.Net web site and reviewing the companies attending today’s job fair, Ms. C prepared herself well; before showing up here today she spent some time reviewing our Cleared Job Fair Job Seeker’s Handbook which she used to target five (5) specific companies: “I targeted CACI, L-3, ManTech, Stanley and Lockheed Martin. I have really good leads with two of the five employers and I plan to follow up with them soon via email.”

Due to her time constraints, Ms. C was very focused in working the job fair efficiently. She used the exhibit hall map in the handbook to target the location of the five employers of interest.

Ms. C’s advice for other job seekers out there: “Definitely attend industry job fairs!! The one-on-one experience of talking directly to recruiters is invaluable. That face time is very important for making connections with employers and other job seekers as well,” adding the following anecdotal tale: “While standing in line today another job seeker told me about a logistics position with an employer I had not considered. Because I was attending the job fair, I could respond immediately to that networking information and talk to a recruiter for immediate feedback.”

Good luck, Ms. C! We thank you for sharing your job seeking tale with our community and hope your job search is a nothing short of a fruitful endeavor.

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