Confessions of a Government Man

Thanks all, for the kind comments to my original post on this topic. At the risk of blowing my own horn and skirting the edge of GovLoop policy, if you liked the blog you will love the book. It is 320 pages of often outrageous stories. Some reader comments to date include “hysterical,” “sitcom material,” and “Funny but respectful and right on the money.”

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GSA has taken the position that what I did was a “private enterprise” so their policy is to refuse to circulate the press release in-house or post it as a newsworthy event. It was not personal I am told – probably just their lawyers in action – or I should say overreaction (I comment about counsel and this kind of thinking in the book). Although there are a few caustic comments, the book is meant as entertainment and overall is rather complimentary towards GSA. I would not bite the hand that fed me for 39 years. I would also hardly think this was an “enterprise.” It was more of a labor of love and I am surprised that GSA did not use it to their advantage. As far as I know I’m the only person to have written a book about GSA, as opposed to how to do business with GSA, or how to beat GSA in court.

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In any event, because of GSA’s position I am dashing off a lot of emails and posts in order to generate publicity both within and outside of GSA. Check out the website or the table of contents on the Amazon listing for more info. I will continue to add blogs based on book content.

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Thanks again.

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