Cool Tool for Anonymous Feedback

A friend sent this website link to me and thought it would be a great way for Feds to give subtle, anonymous feedback to their co-workers. Anyone ever tried it?

Click on the “Categories” tab at the top and you’ll see how to use it.

I especially liked the “Anonymous Praise” category to cheer up a grumpy co-worker!

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What a cool tool. I just tried it out. I like the Anonymous Praise although I’m not sure how people will react to the items you really want to say (you talk too loud on the speakerphone, everyone sees you come in late everyday, etc).

Kate Yemelyanov

I don’t want to think about all the hate mail I could be getting, but it’s fun to think of the hate mail I could be sending with this.

Scott Horvath

If you want to do this for yourself (to find out what others think about you) then another thing that you can do is use some of the free online survey/questionnaire services and create your own questionnaire. You can create maybe 10 questions and allow anonymous submissions. Then just send it to 50 of your professional contacts and wait for the results. Make sure you ask questions like, “Please rate my level of commitment to my work” or “Rate my level of ability to meet deadlines on any given task.” Also provide some open-ended option as well so they can be frank.

You might get some very honest feedback if people know that it is completely anonymous and you’ll never know who filled out what.