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Daily Dose: FAA Furloughs Possibly First of Many

No one is exactly sure what will happen if Congress and the White House fail to raise the debt ceiling by August 2nd, but it might look something like the furloughs at the Federal Aviation Administration. On Saturday, the agency was forced to furlough 4,000 employees until further notice. As the Washington Post reports, federal employees are often on the front line in the event of a crisis.

Federal employees commonly are among the first to feel the effects when federal agencies, for whatever reason, fall short on available spending money. In the case of the FAA, the issue was the failure of Congress and the White House to reauthorize certain agency operations.

Furloughs: federal workers often first to feel crisis effects

It’s unclear whether federal agencies would be subject to mass furloughs if leaders do not resolve the debt crisis by the fast-approaching August deadline. While some agencies are self-funded and would be able to continue operating, the White House has yet to issue any guidance on what might happen at other agencies.
Do you think federal workers should start preparing themselves for furloughs?


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Chris Poirier

Not sure about furloughs, but am glad that at least someone mentioned that 4,000 feds are not working today and because those on the Hill and in the White House have failed to do their elected jobs of establishing a sound and sustainable budget for the federal government…not even pointing to the left or right, both sides are equal in their inability to do their elected positions an ounce of justice and it is the taxpayers that ultimately pay the price.

Carol Davison

Feds and everyone else should always prepare themselves for furloughs. For example, I want to take a vacation trip but am putting it off in the event I must take off. I also think twice before spending money.

Becky Siekmeier

After living through the 3-week long shut down in Minnesota, it’s probably wise to be prepared for all foreseeable possibilities.