Don’t Mess with My Outlook!

People hate change – it’s hard-wired into our lizard brains. Change is unpredictable, potentially life threatening. Which explains why you’re afraid to try Google Apps. You’ve spent years getting to know Outlook. GMail might kill you! Okay, so the whole life preservation thing may be a little out of proportion. But still, you like Outlook? No problem. With Google Apps Outlook Sync you can continue to use Outlook like you always have, but with the added advantages of being able to access your Outlook data from anywhere, and virtually any device; or being able to find that email from three years ago, instantly – even if you can’t remember what folder you put it in. Or, if you’re like me and prefer GMail, with Outlook Sync you can take advantage of the the things Outlook can do that Gmail can’t do (yet) – such as delayed delivery for those emails you don’t want to go out until next Tuesday. Perhaps you need to do a print mail merge or print labels; or to use that business card scanner that only synchronizes with Outlook. Check it out.

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