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Don’t Mess with My Outlook!

People hate change – it’s hard-wired into our lizard brains. Change is unpredictable, potentially life threatening. Which explains why you’re afraid to try Google Apps. You’ve spent years getting to know Outlook. GMail might kill you! Okay, so the whole life preservation thing may be a little out of proportion. But still, you like Outlook?Read… Read more »

Google Docs offline comes to Android, but no editing allowed

I’m a big fan of Google Docs. Very useful free application. Interesting to see an offline version. We’ll see how it works. Google Docs offline comes to Android, but no editing allowed By Jon Brodkin | Published about 2 hours agoLast updated about 2 hours ago Google keeps taking tiny steps toward creating a full-fledgedRead… Read more »

Become a Gmail Search Ninja

In the coming weeks, I’m going to be pushing out Google Apps tips and tricks. There are a lot of features that you probably don’t know about that will make Google Apps not just easier to use, but will actually make it do more of your work for you. You can get to almost allRead… Read more »

For Feds, Gmail + Phishing = Lesson in the Basics

Last week network monitors at Google noticed a concerted phishing attack against accounts held by senior U.S. government officials, including members of the military. The attack, if you can call it that, was plain old phishing, in which messages are crafted so as to look like they are coming from a trusted source — inRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Is Cloud Computing The LeBron James of Technology?

According to Steve Towns at Government Technology,”cloud computing” is among the developments that have received the most attention in government in recent memory. It is, one might say, the LeBron James of government technology… lots of hype, but no championships… yet Cloud Computing Meets Reality It’s hard to think of a technology that’s received moreRead… Read more »

Geeking Out With Gavin: Staying Connected Despite Being Down Under

In a few previous posts, I’ve shared some insights from “the kid next door”…who’s not really a kid, but a super bright young man at Wake Forest who’s now spending the semester down under. Check out his latest tips for being connected from anywhere. *************************************************************************************** Hey everyone, from the other side of the world! I’mRead… Read more »

Geeking Out With Gavin: Boomerang Your Gmails

Last week, I told you about my run-in with the neighbor. The college kid helped me with my laptop and gave me some great advice on optimizing Gmail. So I decided to turn it into a series on GovLoop. Here’s your latest installment! Q: What was that Boomerang thing you mentioned that allows me toRead… Read more »

Untethered: Work, and Life, in the Cloud

This weekend, I got the chance to meet a longtime online friend face-to-face following his trip to a local Google conference. Alan Pruitt, who I met a few years back on a LinkedIn group for private investigators, is a licensed PI out of Yuma, AZ, doing due diligence backgrounds for major employers, and he alsoRead… Read more »