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Wagging the Dog

Back in 1996, Sherry Turkle, a Psychologist at MIT was on the cover of Wired Magazine excited about how the new social and mobile technologies were going to make our lives better by enabling us to learn more about ourselves. Seventeen years later, she’s back; and she’s not happy. In her new book “Alone Together”Read… Read more »

Stakeholder Engagement and the Super Bowl

“When all of the stakeholders come together so quickly, you’ve got magic” – this is what happened a few minutes after the Superdome what dark on during the 2013 Super Bowl. Oreo’s Ad agency, working closely with the business developed an ad and sent it out to twitter, resulting in an instantly successful marketing coup.Read… Read more »

The Two-P Syndrome*

When it comes to fixing things around the house, I range between Unconscious and Conscious Incompetence depending on the task, (or the prior evening’s indulgences). Recently, while standing in the checkout line of my local Home Depot, (for the second time that day), I looked at the guy behind me and said “What is itRead… Read more »

Dave Schulman Rolls Google Apps Practice Into Information Concepts

Information Concepts is a fixed-price software development shop that has done work for almost every major government agency. Our unique approach uses visualization technology to rapidly create simulations of software that look and act like the real thing, capturing feedback from users – all before a single line of code is written. Read more… CallRead… Read more »

Protecting Your Online Privacy is Easy – Here’s How

In the May 7th, 2012 post, I talked about policies you can implement to protect your online privacy. That post reinforced how important it is to use common sense when online. The biggest take-away from that article was not to use free services for editing, storing, or communicating personal information. However, it’s not always possibleRead… Read more »

Protect Yourself Online – Just Common Sense

There is a lot of hysteria about online privacy. It’s easy to understand when there’s an ad scrolling across the top of your screen referencing the words you just typed into the email you’re composing. Creepy. I mean, if they’re watching what you type, what else are they doing with your private information? I guessRead… Read more »

Google Drive vs. Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

When I wrote in my blog last week that Google Drive’s announcement arrived with a whimper; that was after my initial impression. After working with it for a week, I would like to upgrade my appraisal from cool reception to something just shy of ‘game-changer’… let’s just call it ‘significant’. Why the change? Looking atRead… Read more »