Free Webinar April 7 – “12 Ways to Fill Your Pipeline and Find Opportunities to Win Government Contracts”

Join me for a Free One-Hour Webinar on Wednesday, April 7 at 4 PM Eastern

• Do you rely on FedBizOpps to find government contracting opportunities?
• Or, perhaps, you are more sophisticated and use a paid pipeline tool such as INPUT, Centurion Compass, or Onvia – and an occasional “marketing” visit to your government customers – but this is where it ends?
• Are you frustrated that you miss opportunities that otherwise would be PERFECT for your company?
• Do you secretly hope that one day you will find the right “rolodex guru” you can afford to pay to do your business development, because your own relationship guy or gal hasn’t found all the opportunities you had hoped for?
• Do you want your business to grow aggressively in a vast $524 billion federal market (and even larger overall government market), but it is not growing as fast as you had planned? (And all the while you see others double and triple the size of their businesses in a span of a year?)

The truth is – one of the key ingredients to the formula for growing aggressively in the government market is finding better quality contracting opportunities. Better quality opportunity means that it:
1. Matches your core competencies
2. Is early in the procurement cycle so that you have time to prepare
3. Offers you the chance to contribute to the development of the requirements to maximize your win probability.

So, how would your company (or your career as a business developer) change if you used 12 different ways to find better quality opportunities to win government contracts?

This FREE one-time webinar covering the 12 ways to find government contracting opportunities will take place on April 7 at 4-5 PM Eastern (Washington – GMT-5). It will transform and augment the way you approach business development, to help you grow.

Again – here is the link: http://www.ostglobalsolutions.com/government-contracting.htm

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