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Further adventures in social media. (Aaaargh!)

I spent the morning live-tweeting an appearance before a state Senate committee by Kansas Secretary of Transportation Deb Miller. KDOT has proposed a new 10-year transportation plan for Kansas; Secretary Miller appeared before the Senate Transportation Committee to explain some of the highlights of the proposal. Her testimony continues tomorrow morning. I’ll be tweeting it @KDOTHQ. Immediately following Secretary Miller’s testimony, she’ll hold a press conference to announce the completion of a long-awaited Amtrak study on the subject of passenger rail in Kansas; we’ll live-tweet that, as well. Tomorrow’s schedule is here.

All of which is wonderful. I’m terrifically impressed by the courage and foresight demonstrated by KDOT’s commitment to transparency in government, and social media in particular. Secretary Miller and the people in our Public Affairs office are blazing new trails every day.

On the other hand, I’m writing this in a coffee shop, because last night’s security upgrade to state computers added GovLoop to the list of blocked sites.


The community is doing very well. K-TOC membership is 950+. Check us out if you have a few minutes!

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Hey Patrick – We have a “Dear IT Admin” letter that we can share with you…it’s designed to help get GovLoop unblocked. Look for it soon. – Andy

Sterling Whitehead

Andy, can you provide the link (or load it into SlideShare) to the “Dear IT Admin” letter? It’d be handy for breaking down walls, maybe even for showing to people’s bosses.

Patrick Quinn

Thanks for the tips. We’ve apparently instituted an administrative procedure whereby the question site accessibility can be appealed. I’ll look into that, or just move my GovLooping to nights and weekends.