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YouTube outreach: Early returns.

On Monday, we posted a video press release to YouTube on the subject of highway preservation and funding. It’s being described in the media as “KDOT’s first video press release,” which isn’t quite correct; we released a short video a month ago to accompany the announcement that READER’S DIGEST named Kansas roads and highways NumberRead… Read more »

New community, further adventures with YouTube, more

The most interesting development in KDOT’s ongoing exploration of social media is our plan to launch an internal online community later this spring. Unlike K-TOC, which is open to all and is used by the agency as a public-outreach tool, the new community will be strictly limited to KDOT employees and is intended for internalRead… Read more »

Further adventures in social media. (Aaaargh!)

I spent the morning live-tweeting an appearance before a state Senate committee by Kansas Secretary of Transportation Deb Miller. KDOT has proposed a new 10-year transportation plan for Kansas; Secretary Miller appeared before the Senate Transportation Committee to explain some of the highlights of the proposal. Her testimony continues tomorrow morning. I’ll be tweeting itRead… Read more »

KDOT social media update

Our open-to-the-public online community, K-TOC, now has almost 700 members, most of them transportation professionals. Seven hundred members is considerably more than we anticipated when we launched in January, but in the past month enrollment rate has dropped substantially. I think we’re approaching the natural membership limit for a community devoted to transportation in Kansas.Read… Read more »