Game Changer; Pricing Revealed On Anything Purchased By Government

There are ways to learn who is buying what from whom for how much, when, and where, and this information is now available in just one database, for the public to use. You can now make smarter purchases, or on the flip side, sell more to the government.

Here’s an example of just one solution using the database of government purchases managed by SmartProcure. Let’s say you want insight into the pricing for an M401DNE HP LaserJet 400 printer. Here’s a snapshot of what the Pricing tab can show you for a search for M401DNE:

In this example, you can see that the prices government agencies paid for this printer fall into 3 distinct cluster: 1) $235 to 250, 2) $260 to 270, and 3) $275 to 300. You can see the average price, most common price ranges, and either a histogram or a pie chart to lay the results out visually.

In this example, you can see that most of agencies bought this printer at a price between $275-300, but this chart also shows agencies paying a wide range of prices for the same printer model. Some agencies (11) paid between $235 and $250. You can also see that four agencies managed to purchase this printer between $245 and $240. If you are a government vendor who sells this printer for less than $250, everything to the right of $250 represents a potential customer that would benefit from your pricing.

The Pricing tab also displays price fluctuations over time:

Pricing is a powerful tool, and can help with making smarter purchases. Want to know a specific product, click here for more information: Call 954.420.9900 ext 522, or click here and make a request for any product.

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