Game On! Loudoun Economic Development Committee: New Social Media Subcommittee

The initial planning session was held yesterday at the Loudoun National Conference Center for the new Loudoun-centric “Social Media Subcommittee”, an initiative of the Loudoun Economic Development Commission’s “Marketing and Business Retention” Committee.

(Announced here at Gateway to Loudoun)

This public/private grassroots initiative will focus on engaging the Loudoun economic development stakeholders on the Internet, using social media and other new media collaboration and marketing techniques, to help promote the County as a great place to live, work and invest. Expected contributors and participants will include businesses, nonprofits, associations, residents and government input.

Much more information to come: initial discussion and information-sharing will take place via a LinkedIn.com group named, simply, “Loudoun”.

Game On!

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Ted McLaughlan

Perhaps there’s another on this forum, who’s got some experience in leveraging social media for a County/City Economic Development initiative? Probably some good “best practices” to leverage.