Getting into Government: Best Political Internships to Apply to

Getting a job in government or politics is always challenging. You have to know how to communicate with those who have the opposite view on important topics as well as those who want to overtake offices instead of working equally with everyone present. If you are serious about entering politics, there are a few internships you can apply to so you have a better idea about the environment you will work in before making a final decision on a career. Check out the interning options below to see where you might fit in the best.
Getting into Government Best Political Internships to Apply to
Central Intelligence
You might not think that you could work with members of the CIA, but there is an internship program that does allow you to see some of the basics that are done here. The program is designed to especially help minorities get involved in politics. Undergraduate students are encouraged to apply to the program. One full semester and a summer semester are required. While in the program, you will learn about some of the investigation principles used by the CIA.

National Institute of Health (NIH)
If you enjoy learning about biology and diseases, then consider this internship geared to bio-medical students and the government. You will work under some of the best scientists in the world, discovering what it takes to diagnose diseases and how to prevent some of the ones that overtake large areas.

The Smithsonian Associates
Those with a bachelor or masters in history might enjoy learning about some of the history of the country. There are several lectures to listen to and exhibits to view here. You will learn about humanities, arts and sciences as they relate to history. The internship is for adults and older children.

White House Internship
If you ever thought you wouldn’t be able to go to the White House, then you would be wrong as there is an internship program offered here by the federal government. College and university students can see government leaders at work. You can also see how some of the areas of the White House are run when the President is there, but most of the time, you won’t be in the building while the President is there unless it’s under tight security.

There are several types of internships at NASA. You can learn about the space program and how it has helped the development of the country. The latest research has determined that there is a shortage of workers in the program, so an internship could lead to a career.

Whether it’s entering the White House or working with the Smithsonian, there are numerous government internships available. You can choose from many different internships you find interesting so you aren’t applying for those that would be irrelevant to your future career. Most applications can be done online so don’t wait to get involved!

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