Gilligan’s Island-Keep Government Open-A Three hour Tour

After averting a government shutdown one hour before the deadline, Open Government has more of a platform to thrive and become a business solution to Government like never before. Using our new parody, and following the theme of Gilligan’s Island, after nearly averting a “ship wreck”, (Government shutdown), Open Government has potentially become the new economic driver especially to those of us who have been on this Island.

President Obama told the American people on April 9th, 2011 11:15pm (a year and, one day) after the Open Government Directive Plans required by each federal agency to be submitted to the White House for review and ultimate implementation, “Government is Open for Business”. John Boehner, House Speaker, said that “tonight, they have made budget cuts that will pave the way for businesses to create jobs”. Like the tourist from Gilligan’s Island who thought the weather was good, so they traveled on to their destination. (paradise). Let’s now see where small businesses end up post averting a government shutdown.

Open Government is a true Gilligan’s Island story. A crew of happy go lucky, rather well to do men, and women chartered a boat, and went out to sea destined for nirvana. (Open Government). Due to an anticipated storm, (unprecedented recession and bank bail outs, and a continuing middle east war), caused a storm of debt. In-spite of these realities, President Barak Obama said on the first day of office that he wanted to Open Government, and proceeded to make it an executive order. The crew (at the White House) after a horrific storm, found them selves drifting onto an island. We have decided to call this Island, Open Government, and let’s see where we end up now that a government shutdown has been averted, one hour before the deadline.

A storm that caused a shipwreck onto an un-known island. Two days after the anniversary of the Open Government Directive became executed law within every federal agency, the OGD pioneers are trying to find out, how to get off this island… For those of us who have already invested a year and a half of our lives, and professional time to advance better government (As Unpaid Volunteers), like a tale of castaways, we have to find our way now, or we will find ourselves on this island possibly for a long, long time. (more than three hours). We will then be destined to simply make the best of things. Or, we the castaways can take our innovation, education and our ability to build a movement, and get off this Island. It will be an uphill climb, but we assure you that the first mate and the Skipper too, (here at OGTV) will do our very best, to make the others comfortable on this tropical island of advancing opportunity. Currently we have no phone, no lights no motor cars, not a single luxury, like Robinson Crusoe, as primitive as can be. Nonetheless, we invite you to join our collaboration. In accepting our invitation to collaborate, we can promise you a smile, as stranded castaways, here on “Gilligan’s Isle.”

Now that government’s sights are lifted beyond a shut down, and are set to cut 6 trillion dollars (another nirvana), I am afraid that unless we decide to step up our game of advancing the true power of an Open Government, (collaboration), and begin to understand how Open Government can create jobs, and help to restore our nation’s economy, then we may find ourselves stuck on the island.

As the Globe becomes our competition, I’ll give you a hint…we can not stay on this present Island and survive.

Our mission is to get off this island and become effective ambassadors around the globe to create, freedom, equality, and pathways to health, education, technology, energy, security, and prosperity for ALL.

Stay tuned for the next three hour tour…

Captain-Keith Moore


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