Government Social Media Community Managers

There are 44 positions on with social media in the job description and this will rise in 2013. Starting and carrying out these programs can be daunting but the number of qualified applicants for these positions is growing as well. As more and more public agencies migrate data and information into the cloud and into social media the most crucial (and fun jobs) will be working at the agencies in this capacity!

The industry will have digital incumbents populating these positions and the quality of information is going to get better and better. Although the young workers in their 20s have the skills to utilize twitter and social media the information is sourced elsewhere or from experienced public information officers some of who may need a little tech brush up.

The large cities are leading the way in this field (like Dallas) and states like California and Michigan have hundreds of agencies that have growing presences on twitter. Since they are growing so rapidly and we are seeing our customers build multiple pages for their agency, one for their career page and for cities/towns they are separating the content on twitter from parks and rec to health departments. In fact tracking all of this info in the list functionality of twitter has become quite a massive undertaking.

Moving forward it will be interesting to see how the Government Social Media Community Managers build their pages and unfold campaigns in 2013.

Leaving you with this thought: As the networked community managers start taking their places throughout the public sector agencies creating massive amounts of official local data, this information flow will become more and more efficient and the effective communities managers will be conduits for all kinds of information that will affect their regions. The local communities will become stronger as these government community managers get onboarded.

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