Monster.com vs. FederalResumeTips.com

Let me start by saying that I am not posting this blog because I am against Monster.com or their federal employment section, Govcentral.monster.com.

I just want to point out that Monster.com’s customers, generally speaking, are not the thousands of people seeking federal employment – and those people navigating through their postings will not find opportunities for federal employment. While Monster.com has dedicated a portion of their website for people interested in federal employment (Govcentral.monster.com), there are no federal job announcements posted on their website. You can find a few job postings for contractor positions, but being a contractor does not provide the same benefits, job security, and opportunities of a federal employee. I will give Monster.com credit, because their Five Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid is spot on; however, their Ten Steps to a Government Job are what we refer to as “mostly” useless federal resume writing tips. After navigating through their website trying to piece everything together I was ultimately referred to a resume writing firm that charges up to $400 to write a “winning” federal resume.

There is so much more to writing a winning federal resume than avoiding five mistakes, and writing a winning resume does not have to cost you $400. To learn more visit FederalResumeTips.com and purchase the e-book Federal Resume Toolbox for under $5.


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