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3 Keys to Your Career: Passion, Relationships, and Mastery of Trade

For 65 years my grandfather worked as a tailor at Learbury’s in Syracuse, nearly the entire duration of the company. He was a master of his trade, tailoring suits for mayors, governors and the uniforms for the Triple A baseball team in Syracuse (at the time it was the Yankees, now it’s the Nationals). HeRead… Read more »

Seven Guideposts to Achieving the Impossible

In this article, former White House advisor, Guy L. Smith, now Executive VP of Diageo North America, offers management strategies to help teams achieve the impossible. The key, Smith believes, is providing your team with the critical motivation to achieve more than others think is reasonable or possible. Below, Smith outlines exactly how managers andRead… Read more »

Human Resource Specialist Are Looking For Buzz Words

In order to craft your resume appropriately, you need to use action/buzz words to show that you possess either entry-level, mid-level, or executive level experience. In most cases, you will want to overlap these action/buzz words between your current position level and the position level that you are applying to. The Federal Resume Toolbox hasRead… Read more » vs.

Let me start by saying that I am not posting this blog because I am against or their federal employment section, I just want to point out that’s customers, generally speaking, are not the thousands of people seeking federal employment – and those people navigating through their postings will not find opportunitiesRead… Read more »