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Need a Usability Test on Your Government Website? Can’t afford it? Enter to WIN

If you haven’t grabbed your camera and shot a quick video to enter our ‘Win a Free Usability Test’ Video Contest, don’t despair! We’ve extended the deadline to March 9.
All that is standing between you and a high-quality website usability test conducted by the GSA First Fridays team is a video explaining why your site needs our help. Full details at http://websitetest.challenge.gov/ (For Government Websites ONLY)
Submit your video today!

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Alycia Piazza

The deadline for the First Fridays Website Test Challenge is Friday evening, March 9.

  • Make a video this week!
  • It doesn’t have to be fancy. Tell us:
    • What your site is
    • What people can do there, and
    • What you’d like to test – in two minutes or less
  • Make it with your cell phone camera or camera on your laptop
  • We *lavish* attention and care on our First Friday test sites.

  • You can call Nicole personally if you have questions: Nicole Burton, 202-631-2425 (cell)

  • This is the *best way* to bring your site to our attention and LEAP over the waiting list, which averages 6-10 sites.