Oklahoma, where the tech comes sweepin’ down the plain…

Oklahoma flagThere is a conference going on right now in Oklahoma (Gov 2.0a) related to government and technology…

The second annual Gov 2.0a conference is focused on applications of technology to government problems. The conference will be a forum to learn about successful Gov 2.0 applications through case studies, to learn about best practices for Gov 2.0 applications, and to network with other professionals from city and state organizations, community groups, non-profits and the private sector who share interest in the application of technology to improve the functioning of our government.

Here’s the schedule for it.

And if you’d like to listen to the music for the song that’s inspired the title of this post… here you go!

Follow the conference by using the #gov20a hashtag on Twitter

A similar version of this was originally posted at the company that I work for’s product blog (Disclosure: the product deals w/ transparency, gov’t, & technology and we’re interested in accessibility for minorities).

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