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The Best Government Mobile Apps for Business… and Your Office

With an increasingly mobile American population, most U.S. federal government agencies have launched mobile-optimized “responsive” versions of their official websites for citizens. A smaller number of agencies have taken the extra step to develop specialized apps for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and most of those apps are aimed to consumers / citizens.

Guarding against the Grinch: How NORAD’s Santa Tracker helps Santa– and NORAD’s image

This time of year, there are two critical questions all good North American citizens are asking themselves: Why does the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) help track Santa—call sign “Big Red One”– every year on Christmas Eve? How does NORAD guard against the Grinch, Jack Frost and the Abominable Snowman to keep Santa safeRead… Read more »

Free June 12 Digital Magazine Seminar in DC for Feds with World’s Largest Newsstand

Zinio is “The World’s Largest Newsstand”, featuring more than 20 million individual and library subscribers worldwide to electronic magazines. Through the Government Printing Office (GPO), Zinio provides a viable and valuable dissemination option for Federal agencies who wish to improve engagement and awareness of their programs by providing digital editions of their magazines and journalsRead… Read more »

On the Rocks: Best Icebreaker Questions for Meetings and Focus Groups

As a follow up to my post about Best Focus Groups Guides and Resources, here are some ideas about using icebreakers to get the session started on the right foot and not end up “on the rocks”: ABOUT USING ICEBREAKERS The Art of Icebreakers Excellent document about the use of icebreakers. FAST ICEBREAKER QUESTIONS TheRead… Read more »

The Best Sequester “Grand Bargain”: National Historic Landmarks Photo Calendar 50% Off

With all the Federal Government bashing going on in the press and social media, it’s a good time to remember all the valuable things the Government does for its citizens. One of the best and most widely valued of these is caring for our national parks. Every year the National Park Service holds a photoRead… Read more »

Need 50+ responses to a 10-minute online survey by Thursday for class project

I NEED TO FIND 50+ SURVEY RESPONDENTS BY THIS THURSDAY! To complete my final project for my master’s in integrated marketing communications, I have to collect responses from 50-100 people by Thursday for my 10-minute survey, and I only have a few thus far! I think Hurricane Sandy has affected a lot of my EastRead… Read more »

Quiz: Are you smarter than an 8th grade Civics student?

Can you correctly answer these three questions about our American government and nation from the 100-question naturalization test for new citizens? Most 8th and 12th graders in the U.S. could not! Read more in my new GPO Government Book Talk blog post called Quiz: Are you smarter than an 8th grade Civics student? in honorRead… Read more »