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OPM Invites Comment on New Strategic Plan Draft

Are you interested in U.S. Government workforce issues (getting a federal job, performance management, leadership development, and so on)? OPM has just posted its DRAFT Strategic Plan and is looking for comments from people who care.

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Henry Brown

As a member of the OPM “team” I attended the virtual town hall meeting and it was obvious, at least to me, that Secretary Berry is SERIOUS about wanting to involve the entire community in setting the direction (strategic plan) for our agency. Because OPM affects almost all other government agencies, the impact of this strategic plan is going to be rather universal

Kitty Wooley

Yep, I’ve gotten that impression every time I’ve heard John Berry speak. He’s projecting an enormous amount of positive energy and good will, and at the same time it’s clear that he’s utterly serious about change.


Very cool and I love the outreach. Not sure I’m a 100% fan of the format. Personally I love reading what others think of the plan rather than just submitting in a black box. But another step in the right direction…

Joan R. Resnick

Kitty, I’ll try this though I see there’s a blank for agency affiliation — not sure I’m included as I am former agency….will check to see that it’s open to public.

Joan R. Resnick

Also, I agree with the comment above –dialogue, inquiry would be so interesting and important in this process. There’s a chance to create community over the question of “what do we want public service to look like in this country” and a site that shows comments would give us the opportunity to connect the dots, look for themes, divergence, etc. Perhaps there’s an important frame that could be set around this strategic plan. I’m not sure the public has a full appreciation of the role OPM plays and I think this plan could be an important piece of public dialogue — building a civic community around the important questions of government leadership, service, and roles.