Recolation in Australia: Mobility Changes and Trends

According to the research of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there is a wide range of possible living agreements reflecting the various range of households. One of the top causes for Australians to move home in the past five years are purchasing a dwelling and marriage. Reports show up to 45 percent of parents in couple families with dependent children decide to relocate. The mobility of these families decreases with time. On the other hand, lone parents with dependent children represent only 4 percent of the recent movers group of the country. The group of older households without children also have a low rate of housing mobility.

The Mobility Changes Related to The Life Course of The Australian Nation

The Survey of Income and Housing states 43 percent of the Australians aged 15 years and over, had moved at least once in the past five years. The research indicated a dramatic increase of relocations within Australia, in comparison with the number of people who live in their current home for at least 5 years. But the numbers get even bigger. Statistics show almost half of the Australian residents had moved once and nearly 11 percent had moved at least five times in the past years.

Relocation Distance

The majority of the recent movers prefer a locality in the near range of their former home. Anyhow, the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia survey indicates that prior to 2006, 60 percent of the Australians moved no more than 9 miles away from their former dwelling. Last researches report people who move home for work and education-related reasons tend to move more than 100 kilometers.

Top Relocation Management Strategies

Surveys indicate as much as 73 percent of the Australians citizens, which rent or own a home large cities such as Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, tend to use the services of a move out cleaning agency. In comparison with statistics from 2006, researches amongst the residents of Sydney indicate a drastic increase in people’s trust towards moving support agencies in the country, such as relocating companies, furniture removal and end of lease cleaning firms. One of the main reasons for choosing the services of a local agency, according to the statistics had been the need of assurance for getting their security deposit back.

Mobility Calculated According To The Different Types Of Housing Tenure

The housing mobility of the Australian nation differs grately across the various types of housing tenure. According to the 2007-2008 statistics, private renters had a high mobility ratio, hitting the charts with up to 87 percent recent movers. Public renters, on the other hand prefer a more static lifestyle as statistics indicate they are mostly lone parents with dependent children. In comparison with these numbers, less than 30 percent of the Australian landlords had relocated recently.​

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