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Recruiting in the Digital Era: Updated Guidance for Employers, Recruiters, and Candidates

This summer I wrote Social Media and Recruiting 101: Overview and Recommendations, which was an extension of some earlier pieces I had written on the topic of “social screening” (see this post, as well as this white paper). In it, I recast the “recruiting funnel” to reflect how social media and other digital activity can and should be considered during the hiring process.

After participating in SIOP’s Leading Edge Consortium on the Virtual Workforce, and attending HRMAC’s Social Media and Recruiting – It’s Not Just About LinkedIn, I was inspired to update the “social recruiting funnel” I had created and expand the discussion beyond my initial focus on candidate evaluation.

Like the first piece, the updated post is intended to be a primer of sorts. Targeting individuals and employers who don’t have a sophisticated understanding of how social media activity can be incorporated into recruitment and selection processes, it focuses on providing a high level overview and basic best practice recommendations for both hiring organizations and job candidates.

I don’t purport to know how all employers and service providers (e.g., third-party recruiters, screening companies, software vendors) are leveraging social media and other digital technologies in their talent acquisition processes. I can, however, offer my understanding and insights on how social media can and should be incorporated into these processes. And I invite others – especially recruiting and HR professionals – to join me in developing a set of resources and guidelines for Digital Era recruitment practices that enable employers to hire the best possible candidates in the most appropriate ways.

Please let me know of any content I may have missed and/or any additional recommendations you may have. Questions are also welcome. Thanks!

Click here or on the image above to access the full post.

Disclaimer: I am neither an attorney nor a professional recruiter, and I have no connection to any of the companies mentioned in this post.

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