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During my time here at GovLoop I will be blogging (excessively) on an array of topics related to technology, development, and diplomacy. An area of particular interest to me is how technology can advance humanitarian work and the development of aid around the world; which can entail looking at how technology has changed access to resources, advanced cross-cultural dialog, impacted relief work or improved citizen engagement. In this series of blogs, I will be focusing on addressing various ways that organizations or individuals are providing technological skills to enhance humanitarian work being done around the world, as well as diving into how technology is involved in the diplomatic process.
As always, suggestions are appreciated. I look forward to reading your comments!

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Srinidhi Boray

Mobile commerce to provide impetus to Micro Finance targeting grassroots in India, Africa etc

GSMA Announces Seven New Grant Recipients From the Mobile Money for the Unbanked Programme
May 25, 2010 by Microfinance Africa
Filed under Microfinance Technology

GSMA announced the details of a further seven grantees from the Mobile Money for the Unbanked (MMU) Fund, which is administered by the GSMA Foundation, Inc. with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. New grantees are Cellcard in Cambodia, Digicel in Fiji, Orange in West Africa, Safaricom in Kenya, Tata Indicom in India, Telenor in Pakistan and Tigo in Africa.

Upwardly Mobile

My own caustic comment

Dichotomy accompanies the process promising human Emancipation

Technology fueling micro-economics proposes to promote transformations at grass root level. Most importantly such a development is expected to augment self-determination for the marginalized. But the lurking danger is, the technology vendors are the investors for whom nothing matters but the ‘profit’ alone. Inherently, such scheme of things is bound to lead into dichotomy in the good intended purpose in the context of progress. Especially that accented for the poorest of the poor. Hazarding this danger, there still exists respite and an opportunity for the marginalized to seek expedited financial assistance, while acknowledging that for every transaction that a poor person affects, there exists a percentage to be paid to the investor. Careful harkening is begged, when Shylock is in the business of opportunity. That means to extract ($$$$) pound of (for) flesh. Poor’s man predicament is rich man’s opportunity.

Nevertheless, after dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s; for the needy who can afford a cellphone and is in productive vocation, it could prove to be Upwardly Mobile!