Service Desk Software Helps the Developmentally Disabled in the Buckeye State

Government agencies are ditching their old habits and implementing new service desk software in hopes of more cost effective solutions to consolidate and optimize their help desk. The Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) based in Ohio, “The Buckeye State” was established to maintain applications for roughly 2,000 employees and provide customer support for over 10,000 customers. These customers ranged from county employees, developmentally disabled children and their parents, and service providers across the state.

The Challenge

The DODD faced several changes over the past three years. The first challenge dealt with maintaining support for their thousands of customers. The go-to method for customer support was tracking requests manually through emails and voicemails. This proved challenging for the DODD as many requests and inquiries were not upheld as the customer support team could not manage all the problems through a manual workforce.

Another troublesome challenge was the certification process, all customers seeking services for their developmentally disabled symptoms were required a physical pass. This process proved time consuming and required hours of paperwork to be processed and managed. In addition, many errors arose from the certification process as users did not properly fill out forms and answer subject areas that were mandatory.

The Solution – A Powerful Service Desk

After assessing 24 different providers, and undergoing extensive analysis, the DODD discovered they were in dire need of powerful service desk software that could organize their high volume of clients and improve their overall customer experience. DODD was able to implement their service desk software into their website which allowed the certification process to be moved onto a web based form, making the certification more efficient and providing effective documentation. The new service desk software has also allowed the DODD to respond to application requests at a much faster rate and respond to inquiries at a much more efficient rate due to the organized documentation from web based implementation of service desk software.

BMC Software’s advanced service desk software beat out 23 other software programs and saved DODD thousands of dollars while improving the customer service experience, enhancing employee productivity, and maintaining outstanding documentation for clients. Developmentally disabled citizens were able to attain crucial services and have their requests filled at a faster rate and has proven that advanced service desk software is essential to the future success of government agencies.

To read DODD’s entire story of service desk success, download the case study.

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