Six Agencies to Test New Performance Management Model


From the Federal Times:

“The National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations today approved a package of reforms it hopes will overhaul how the government manages employees’ performance.

Six agencies — the Veterans Affairs, Housing and Urban Development, Energy and Labor departments, the Coast Guard and the Office of Personnel Management — will pilot test the so-called GEAR model, which stands for goals, engagement, accountability and results. Those agencies now must meet and discuss how they’re going to put the new methods into action and share best practices; they will submit the first status report on the pilot tests at the next national council meeting in January..”

This is a good start which will only work if management is serious about developing its supervisors, writing good standards, tracking and sharing information, engaging in meaningful conversations and having reliable consequences for all levels of performance.

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Francine Goldberg

Our agency is working on improving our performance management process. We’d like to learn more about the reforms and the GEAT model. Who can we contact?

Stewart Liff


To learn more about the model I suggest you contact Justin Johnson at OPM.

Alternatively, you may or may not be aware that I have written several books on managing government employees and their performance, including my most recent one, “Improving the Performance of Government Employees,” (AMACOM Books, Febraury 2011.) I would be happy to help if you are interested. For further information on me and my work, see http://www.stewart