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How to Give Effective Performance Feedback

You can turn a soul-crushing performance appraisal into an opportunity to engage your staff. Make it an interactive conversation that energizes both you and your employee. My team and I have used the following format for performance feedback for over a decade. We use it for both glowing appraisals and tough reviews

Six Agencies to Test New Performance Management Model

http:// From the Federal Times: “The National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations today approved a package of reforms it hopes will overhaul how the government manages employees’ performance. Six agencies — the Veterans Affairs, Housing and Urban Development, Energy and Labor departments, the Coast Guard and the Office of Personnel Management — will pilot testRead… Read more »

It that time of year again: PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL!!!

I was reading yesterday’s article in the WSJ – Better Ideas Through Failure – Companies Reward Employee Mistakes to Spur Innovation, Get Back Their Edge… Check it out: This is my first Blog Post to GovLoop ever!!! Just looking to provoke some discussion before drafting up my “Self Assessment of FY11 Performance Measures”

Abolishing Performance Appraisals: Why They Backfire and What To Do Instead

This is the title of one of my favorite books on this topic, authored by Mary Jenkins and Tom Coens. Many people have strong opinions about how to do performance appraisals, what improvements we can make and whether they even work at all. One of the best management thinkers of our time said: “(The annualRead… Read more »