The Value of Visual in Digital

If 2012 digital experiences could be summed up in one word, it would be this: visual. Pinterest—a platform that allows users to pin images onto collage boards—set the pace for social media channel growth with a four-digit increase in unique visitors in 2012. Despite the backlash from users over Instagram’s proposed change in terms of service, the photo-sharing platform still sees over 90 million monthly active users. And while this may change soon, Facebook news feeds have opted to promote visual posts over text or links.

People are sharing and adding more images to the web, and platforms are either responding or leading the way in this trend. Images share artistic vision, convey a particular message, inspire others, and so much more. Images over other types of content made a huge impact on campaigns during the last election cycle. Only eight minutes after the “Binders Full of Women” comment was uttered, memes and other visual representations were running rampant across so many platforms.

Images have a special ability to be persuasive, and they can also educate viewers quickly in an emotionally moving manner. But you have to use the right image. So much data is out there to be converted into infographics and other visual representations of content. The Pew Environment Group has a great example of what images can do to educate viewers. When optimized to appropriate sizes, social sharing of compelling infographics is a cost effective method of raising awareness with just a click or two.

Infographics and other image-based data reports provide organizations with a simple and impactful way to message supporters quickly and to get them engaged. As more current and potential supporters jump onto various social media platforms that present and share content in a visual format, planning campaigns with visual components will be key— especially for advocacy groups looking to rise above.

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