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The Value of Visual in Digital

If 2012 digital experiences could be summed up in one word, it would be this: visual. Pinterest—a platform that allows users to pin images onto collage boards—set the pace for social media channel growth with a four-digit increase in unique visitors in 2012. Despite the backlash from users over Instagram’s proposed change in terms ofRead… Read more »

Article on Visual Management

Check out my new article on visual management posted at Eighteen years ago, I walked into an organization, took at quick look at its space and quickly realized that it had only one sign up anywhere. The sign was on a supervisor’s desk and said, “What part of ‘no’don’t you understand?” Recently, I walkedRead… Read more »

Visual Management in Government

Shaping Space for Success: The Power of Visual Management by Stewart Liff Visual management can help your agency deliver better service. Combining performance management, human resources management, organization design principles and fine arts shapes your environment to positively influence your employees and improve overall performance. Take a moment to look around at your workspace. WhatRead… Read more »

Technology, Innovation, and the Future of Government

I had the opportunity recently to take Dream Talk Radio to Silicon Valley, for a very interesting conversation and multi-media event about e-government. E-government is the idea that advances in technology and information processing can be applied to help local, state, and national agencies be more efficient, responsive, and effective in the process of governing.Read… Read more »