UPCOMING WEBINAR ON THE “TBC ACQUISITION METHOD.” The TBC method enables Government Agencies to reduce expenses and actually create real opportunities for government workers during economic downturns

Many government officials including mayors, council members, city administrators, public purchasing officials, CIO (IT) directors, and more are looking for ways to provide services and not layoff workers. Today, there is not enough tax revenue available to support budgets. There is an option–it’s called the Transitional Benefits Corporation Methodwhich provides real opportunities for continued government services in functions that are commercially viable. New business units can be formed and opportunities achieved with a much wider business base than ever possible under pure government direction. The benefits of the new units include operational stability, workers stability, company ownership, and new job opportunities and grown, while employees maintain existing benefits and 401Ks. It’s true that many governments cannot afford their existing overhead functions without sufficient tax revenues. Where county, city, state and federal government agencies have functional operations that are commercial in nature and they have a real viability in the open marketplace. Governments can contract and create a new business ventures under existing law that provides existing services back to the government agency, while at the same time the new business unit pursues unlimited growth potential. Regardless of the TBC method chosen, the goal is a soluation that will work for government and employees giving them real options. Agencies should consider the TBC method in today’s economic climate.

For more info go to: www.AcquisitionInstitute.com (click on TBC info)

Particpants in the TBC webinar being offered on 1 December will:

•Understand what the Transitional Benefits Corporation method can do for an agency.
•Understand better how industryy and government can partner together
•Recognize the different options available to government and citizen stakeholders;
•Understand how Government and Industry can create a WIN-WIN solution though the proper application of a Public-Private Partnership arrangement; and
•Learn key steps each party should take to determine if the TBC process is right for them.

All participates will receive 1 CLP credit for attendance at this 60 minute session and attendees will be able to ask the experts for advice about your own unique agency concerns.

Webinar DATE: December 1, 2010 Start Time: 1:00 p.m.–2:00 p.m. (Eastern)
Mr. Steve Sorett, Parnter, McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP

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The Acquisition Institute Inc.

For more information on TBC call us at 703-919-4617. TBC is a proven method that creates real growth opportunities for employees working for government agencies in functions that have commercial viability. Today, more than ever, local governments, and in some cases, state agencies are laying off workers or discontinuing operations such as police, fire, public works, trash pickup, IT, etc…to avoid incuring further costs. None of this is necessary with TBC. To find out more, sign up for our webinar and receive 1 CLP credit. For just $65 per call-in, an unlimited number of people can listen in, and receive credit.

The Acquisition Institute Inc.

Steve Sorett is one of the nation’s leading experts in the use and application of public-private partnerships, infrastructure development contracts, and financing. This a a great guy to learn from.