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Politics. Ethics. Economic Literacy.

Many of the pressing moral and political issues today have an economic origin. Students especially need to have the critical tools to help them evaluate economic policy issues and the principles underlying and dividing them. At the UH Hobby Center for Public Policy, we now have the means to provide students with such tools. ARead… Read more »

I Can’t Make You Learn a Thing! Let the Machines Do It!

Really! What you learn is really up to you. But it is up to us to give you the best means to do that. There are methods and modalities. By methods, I mean approaches to training; by modalities, I mean training tools by which we deliver the training. Can we use multiple modalities for trainingRead… Read more »

UPCOMING WEBINAR ON THE “TBC ACQUISITION METHOD.” The TBC method enables Government Agencies to reduce expenses and actually create real opportunities for government workers during economic downturns

Many government officials including mayors, council members, city administrators, public purchasing officials, CIO (IT) directors, and more are looking for ways to provide services and not layoff workers. Today, there is not enough tax revenue available to support budgets. There is an option–it’s called the Transitional Benefits Corporation Methodwhich provides real opportunities for continued governmentRead… Read more »