Using Your Organization’s Heritage and Culture to Motivate Your Employees

On the April, 2014 Rolling Stone magazine cover, Julia Louis-Dreyfus sported a tattoo of the Constitution, but with the wrong signatories at the bottom.

How many editorial eyes saw that cover from conception to publication? How was it not noticed?

Have we forgotten the past, thinking it’s irrelevant; moving too quickly, our eyes on the horizon?

People flock to our shores to come and be part of our land of opportunity daily. Without turning this into a political commentary on policies and practices of immigration, there is no denying the fact that America is still where many people want to be. Do we, who have been born here, take this so lightly that we fail to recognize the importance of our heritage?

As we approach the official birthday of our country, I find myself thinking about the importance of heritage and culture. Not just as a country, but in each organization.

For leadership, remembrance of the history, heritage and culture of their organization provides a firm anchor from which to explore. It is the reason, the rationale for the company. By understanding the founders’, current and future leaders can gain strength of purpose and vision.

For employees, an understanding of the history, heritage and culture can provide guideposts as well as a clear understanding of the vision. History often serves to imbue a sense of pride.

Are you using your organization’s heritage and culture as a rallying cry to motivate and engage your employees? Do they understand the differentiation between your organization and that of a competitor’s?

The reason that Wal-Mart looks and feels different than other big box stores can be summed up in one name: Sam Walton. Who is would that be in your organization? Do your employees know? Do you?

Once a year, we take the time to celebrate the birth of a nation, not quite perfect, but created by men whose tone still guides us today. It might be time for us to thoughtfully rededicate ourselves to their memory and vision. In the midst of picnics, parades and poolside barbecues, we have the opportunity to remember what has been our rock and our Achilles heel; to reflect on how our founders sacrificed so much for our future.

At Boxer Advisors, LLC, we appreciate YOU, our client and customer. Our history would certainly not be the same without you; our future will be guided by the relationships created and nurtured today.

We wish you all a very happy Independence Day!

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