Which Supervisor Would You Rather Be?

Which would you prefer:

  1. Starting out in a new job as the latest supervisor where nobody knows who are, or
  2. Becoming a supervisor after being a seasoned employee who’s earned the respect of your colleagues over the years


If you were a new supervisor in an organization, do you expect to get more respect because no one knows who you are and they don’t want to overstep their boundaries?

If you’re a seasoned employee, you’ll certainly have the respect of your colleagues after many years, but does that mean they’ll be less likely to do what you ask of them because they’re more “buddy buddy” with you? And does becoming a supervisor after being buddies with those people that you’re now going to be supervising have an immediate negative effect on your relationships? Can you still be buddy buddy even though you’re now supervising them?

Just a few questions to get your mind going this morning.

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Henry Brown

Whole DIFFERENT set of skills required for either role, IMO MOST supervisors, especially new ones, are able to “manage” the new job supervisor role at least somewhat easier. Would GUESS that the reason is that role is basically taught during whatever training/education the supervisor has received.

Again IMO, it is somewhat difficult to separate the friendship from the work relationship for BOTH the subordinate(s) and the supervisor, although it can be done and in MOST cases needs to be done


Lots of pros/cons….but I think I’d rather go to where noone knows who you are. Easier to make decisions. No issues of buddy buddy.