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It Starts at the Beginning

This morning I attended GovLoop’s “Re-Imagining Customer Service in Government” conversation and was pleasantly surprised to hear about some of the successes agencies are having addressing President Obama’s April 2011 Executive Order 13571 – “Streamlining Service Delivery and Improving Customer Service“. Chris Dorobek moderated the hour long session which included the following expert facilitators: JoeyRead… Read more »

Will Apple Actually Admit Their Mistake? – I Seriously Doubt It!

As originally posted on Not So Random Thoughts… In response to Consumer Reports NOT recommending the new iPhone 4 earlier this week Apple has called a previously unscheduled Press Conference to discuss the iPhone 4 (No other details about the press conference are currently available). So, does anyone want to garner a guess as toRead… Read more »

An Alternative to ‘Work-Life Balance’

Originally posted on Let me start by stating I HATE the phrase ‘Work-Life Balance’!!! NOTE: My apologies, in advance, to my mother, for she never liked us using the word “HATE”, but let’s just say “strongly dislike” doesn’t emphasize the point well enough in this case. ‘Work-Life Balance’ or some VERY similar phrase, getsRead… Read more »

An Approach to Accessibility

As you may have heard last week, Google announced that they have added ‘Auto-Captions’ for all videos on YouTube. Google’s hope is to increase its user base and has chosen to focus its attention on accessibility with hopes that users with certain disabilities will leverage the site and find it useful. The reality is thatRead… Read more »

The Google “Buzz” Kill

If you haven’t already heard (and if you haven’t I assume you live under a rock) Google is going to compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter with the soon to be released “Google Buzz”. Since Google has yet to activate “Buzz” within my Gmail account, I will save my opinions as it relatesRead… Read more »

The Open Government Directive & Accessibility Shortcomings

After reading GCN’s article ‘GSA takes a fast, free approach to Web dialogue tool‘ I decided to take a look at the tool in question, IdeaScale, to see what the buzz was all about. The article explains that GSA joins several Federal departments/agencies already using IdeaScale including the White House, Federal Communications Commission (FCC), andRead… Read more »