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3 Consumer Trends That Can Close the Government Tech Gap

It’s clear that technology built for consumers can have immediate impact in many government agencies. The first step in realizing these benefits is for government IT professionals to expand their search outside of traditional beltway vendors and commit to updating their procurement processes to make way for the latest advancements in technology.

Maximize Your Online Community to Increase Citizen Engagement

The notion of e-governance has become prominent in recent years. Agencies around the world are now implementing technology into how they function and deliver services to citizens. Their objective: to distribute information more effectively, universally, and clearly to people. While the Internet undoubtedly fostered the evolution of e-governance, a new development has emerged that canRead… Read more »

There’s no such thing as a FREE Lunch….or is there?

Well….the old adage, “There is no such thing as a Free lunch” is still true, but you can download Free (or low cost) Food Related Publications from is a great resource to find official publications on Cars, Consumer Protection and even, ‘Going Green’. Pubs on Computers are especially helpful too, check this siteRead… Read more »

Treasury Appointee Does Double Duty

Nani Coloretti, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Management and Budget at Treasury, didn’t come to Washington expecting to set up a governmen agency from scratch. But she was swept up in the aftermath of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street and Reform and Consumer Protection Act, giving her the rare opportunity to help create a brand newRead… Read more »

Criteria for Judging New Jobs Creation Initiatives

The Obama Administration is offering new job creation proposals. The success or failure of these initiatives depends on accurate problem definition. One major obstacle is stagnant consumer spending. In a previous post we remarked: Research on private consumption, going back 100 years, more or less emphasizes that individuals balance present and future satisfaction when theyRead… Read more »

Help the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau make it easier to shop for a mortgage!

Here at the CFPB Tech Team, we just launched a pretty cool initiative that lets the public weigh in on our draft designs for a new mortgage disclosure form. What’s a mortgage disclosure form, you ask? Read on! (And participate! And spread the word…) This is a major chance to participate in shaping an importantRead… Read more »

Will Apple Actually Admit Their Mistake? – I Seriously Doubt It!

As originally posted on Not So Random Thoughts… In response to Consumer Reports NOT recommending the new iPhone 4 earlier this week Apple has called a previously unscheduled Press Conference to discuss the iPhone 4 (No other details about the press conference are currently available). So, does anyone want to garner a guess as toRead… Read more »

Drug Information : Patient and Caregiver Resources at the National Library of Medicine® (NLM®)

NLM Reference and Consumer Health FAQs are at . Five of our drug information FAQs: 1) FAQ: Discounted/Free Medical and Dental Care and Medicines – US and International – 2) Pill Identification – 3) FAQ: US Drug Information – 4) FAQ: International Drug Information – 5) FAQ: Dietary Supplements, ComplementaryRead… Read more »