Windows Phone State & Local Government Apps Contest Winners Revealed!

Kim Nelson, Microsoft US Public Sector executive director of eGovernment

Kim%20NelsonI just celebrated my fifth anniversary at Microsoft. In those five years, my two daughters finished four years of high school and are now both in college. Like most parents of teenagers working at Microsoft, I’ve had to listen my girls bemoan the fact that Microsoft doesn’t have a cool phone. Well I’m glad to say that has now changed – both of them can’t wait to get their own Windows Phone after playing with mine! Between Kinect and the Windows Phone, I am a popular person in my extended family.

However, my job at Microsoft isn’t about pleasing my family – it’s about finding ways to help governments work better. With that thought in mind, clearly one of the most exciting developments for citizen services and the open government movement has been the adoption of smartphone apps by and for constituents and local governments. So in December, we launched the Microsoft Windows Phone Government Apps Contest for state and local government partners to create and submit apps to be deployed into immediate production.

With the recent launch of the new Windows Phone, developers are embracing the phone as a great platform for innovative apps that can work across phone, web, and PC. And our contest provided an excellent opportunity for all of our partners, developers, and hobbyists to showcase their skills by creating a Windows Phone application that meets real world needs of citizens or government customers.

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