With your help, SXSW – FTW!

Until last year, I thought SXSW was all about the music and films. Not
to mention some pretty rockin’ parties, as friends raved. As it happens,
it’s also a forum for sharing some killer interactive projects, case
studies, ideas. Even for government.

Following SXSW 2010 tweets & blogs and hearing from gov2.0 people I admire, like Andrew Wilson,
Lovisa Williams and Julia Eisman, that it’s worth a trip to the Lonestar
State I was sold.

I’ve been privileged to work on the Apps for Healthy Kids competition since its preemie days. Even more exciting is
the buzz in circles beyond our usual USDA crowd. And from people of all

I derive a great deal of pride and motivation from hearing people say what I do as a “govie” is cool. Or heck, I even beam at the
thought of being interesting or useful. That’s why this year, I decided
to submit a panel on using challenges in government to reach a mission
goal and really make some waves (instead of doing it because you can).

Hopefully with your help, my proposed panel Apps for Healthy Kids: Government Challenges FTW will make this year’s program.

There are many great candidates this year, so no worries if your vote goes to other sessions.

Just promise me you’ll take a look at the government sponsored or related offerings.

Because I promise, we’ve got a lot to offer.

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Open Id, FB Connect…SSO all key.

I also think we shouldnt be forced to sign on when little things like voting. Too much barrier to entry…I always leave.

But I actually re-registered this time.