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Creating a Learning Challenge in Your Agency

Deadra Welcome, Learning and Performance Strategist at the U.S. Census Bureau, gave a great presentation on Creating a Learning Challenge at the Training Officer’s Consortium’s Annual Executive Institute in Ocean City, MD this week. Deadra shared her experience in building and delivering an engaging 30-day HRU learning challenge with no budget at the Department ofRead… Read more »

What Challenging Yourself Really Means

Today, I will try to challenge you. As a young professional, I often hear key phrases like this when attending career info or advice sessions. Established professionals at some point always say how important it is to “Challenge yourself! Get out of your comfort zone! Do something that makes you scared.” When I hear suchRead… Read more »

How to Spark Innovation at Your Agency

Quick, be creative! For most people, this is a tall order. Thinking creatively on-demand is not an easy task; in fact, it can be outright intimidating. But, according to four experts in the field, it’s also probably not a necessary one for innovation. Results from OPM’s 2014 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey indicated that nearly 91Read… Read more »