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Military Spouses: Government’s New Secret Weapon?

In any workplace, diversity is essential to success. This is doubly true in government. There’s one group of people, however, who are not often thought of when it comes to diversity: military spouses. That’s a shame. Read why here.

Daily Dose: Want to Really Honor Them? Give a Vet a Job!

Tomorrow is Veterans Day and we’re all thinking about the significant sacrifice that our soldiers make every day. Federal Diary columnist Joe Davidson at the Washington Post suggests that one of the best ways we can truly honor them is to put them at the top of the pile for jobs: How to truly honorRead… Read more »

Happy 235th Birthday U.S. Marine Corps!

The Continental Marines were founded November 10, 1775, by a resolution passed by a committee of the Continental Congress. The resolution drafted at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia called for two battalions of marines to aid in the fight for independence on land and sea. Samuel Nicholas was the Commandant of the newly formed Marines andRead… Read more »