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Twethics & Twetiquette?

Although my next post was scheduled to be Collaborating for the Environment as the follow-up to Chronocentrism and Social Entropy?, there is one common theme about respect that I am hearing from the amazing people behind the many projects under evaluation to be added into the directory that I wanted to comment about. This themeRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0 – We Need to Get Past the Honeymoon Stage of Our Relationship

This post originally appeared on my external blog, “Social Media Strategery.” I was in Las Vegas this week to participate in BlogWorld 2009 with some of the industry’s biggest big-wigs in social media. I really like going to conferences like this and next week’s Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco because they help me escapeRead… Read more »

Government 2.0 #FAIL

Guest GovTwit Blog Post by Brian Drake Evolving a conversation we started back in September, I think are quickly arriving at a solution to the nagging feeling that we need to take the Intra-Government 2.0 movement to the next level. The Goverati are a small group of committed individuals. It’s not new news that theRead… Read more »

Computers need Security; People need Privacy

I have been meaning to write this piece for a while after some sessions with various teams working on how Government can make better use of technology to deliver their services to citizens. However the same principle comes up pretty rapidly in similar conversations in a lot of different industries as we try to comeRead… Read more »

Sweet Gov Conference Tweets – Open Government & Innovations Conference (#OGI) – Part 7 Final

July 22, 2009 continued 1:00 pm PacificFleet: RT @FlexPlexico: Don’t complain about social media policy unless you’re willing to change it – #ogi 1:01 pm US_EUCOM: Looking forward to the panel on Measuring the Impact of Social Media. #ogi 1:03 pm washingtronic: lol @Dave_Ferguson: [email protected] Fed hiring process IS onerous, in the way thatRead… Read more »

Sweet Gov Conference Tweets – Open Government & Innovations Conference (#OGI) – Part 4

July 21, 2009 continued 12:00 pm topperge: As we go to real time services, also need real time security for security clearances, not a clipboard survey #OGI (via @paula_thrasher) 12:00 pm web20blog: Transparency as a way to bring about believe something david weinberger #ogi #gov20 12:00 pm csukach: Dr. David Weinberger speaking now #ogi 12:00Read… Read more »

Sweet Gov Conference Tweets – Open Government & Innovations Conference (#OGI) – Part 1

Facilitated by the Department of Defense, the Open Government & Innovations program featured real-world case studies and insights presented by the government leaders who, themselves, are leveraging social media tools and Web 2.0 technologies to define and create a more open and innovative United States government. Held at: The Walter E. Washington Convention Center, 801Read… Read more »

Sweet Gov Conference Tweets – Participation Camp (#pcamp09) Part 1

Participation Camp was organized to provide the spark for an explosion of sharing, experimentation, and collaboration around this question: Democracy is a game in which we all make the rules. How do we make this serious game more inclusive, more fair, and more fun? Participation Camp Website Here’s the Twitter-related stats followed by the TwitterRead… Read more »

Sweet GovTweets 06.24.2009

Good evening! Today’s Tweet stream is about a quarter of the one yesterday, but very interesting. Enjoy. Cordially, Caroline Twitter @WiiPigSooie Blog WiiPigSooie opencode: Open Source #opensource: Hotel WiFi Disservice… (expand ) 2 minutes ago from web • Reply • View Tweet lhawthorn: Heading for a drink with @msurman to plot world domination ofRead… Read more »

Sweet GovTweets 06.19.2009

Wonderful Friday! Today I added some posts from #OpenCode that I thought were interesting. Tonight: University of Arkansas v. LSU College World Series. Go Hogs! Image via Wikipedia Caroline @WiiPigSooie Blog WiiPigSooie alexwied: Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #opensource #oss #accenture 14 minutes ago from WeFollow • Reply • View TweetRead… Read more »