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Creating a Community of Practice: A Way to Engage Like-minded Practitioners for Learning and Leading

Communities of Practice (CoP) are popping up everywhere in my agency. What seemed to me to be a novel approach to learning, sharing and leading, I have discovered is an aged old phenomenon that stems from learning theory. Cognitive anthropologists Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger coined the term “community of practice” when studying apprenticeships asRead… Read more »

“Goodnight Sweet Possum.” Participatory Urbanism the Boston Way

As we become an increasingly urban species the challenges related to growing numbers of people occupying finite spaces becomes an acute concern. The friction generated as we rub elbows can make us all uncomfortable. I found out at an event last week that when it comes to moderating these challenges while running the sixth mostRead… Read more »

The Role of the Facilitator in Building and Sustaining Communities of Practice

[This is cross-posted from Communities & Collaboration blog] I had the honour of being invited to present at the XIII Seminari Compartim L’e-moderador i altres nous agents de coneixement a les organitzacions on 21st September 2011 (Ministry of Justice, Spain). This post is a brief preamble to my presentation. Background My experience of knowledge sharingRead… Read more »

Behind every great Community there are great Facilitators – The importance of The Facilitators Community for Scottish Local Government

The Communities of Practice (CoP) has over 1,300 UK communities and upward of 57,000 UK members, it is the largest collaborative platform for local government and so can be a daunting place for newcomers. If you begin your CoP journey as a community facilitator, however, this feeling of uncertainty is amplified as you have theRead… Read more »