25 Government Innovations You Should Know 2018

A mobile security application in New York City. A lean idea-sharing platform in Colorado. An automated workforce solution at the Bureau of the Fiscal Service. A Data Asset Catalog Service in North Carolina. A new website for the Small Business Administration.

Examples of innovation can be found throughout government at the local, state and federal levels. Frontline personnel are finding new ways to do their jobs better and smarter, while agency and IT leaders are finding ways to enhance services and engage citizens.

But given the scope of government and the volume of work completed every day to achieve mission goals, it can be easy to miss these pockets of innovation. That’s why we celebrate the top innovations of government every year in this guide. This year, we’re highlighting 25 innovative agencies and departments that created new strategies and used new technologies to drive change in five categories:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital services
  • Workforce
  • IT modernization
  • Process management

Read this guide to learn about the top 25 local, state and federal innovations of 2018.