Intelligent Innovation: Tech Trends Taking Root in State and Local Governments

State and local governments are the pillars of community.

While the national government – and the politics behind it – often receives more publicity, state and local governments are what power our daily lives. National parks might be our nation’s treasures, but local parks are where your son or daughter will learn to swing a bat or shoot a basketball. The Library of Congress is where national policy is crafted and researched, but local libraries are the powerhouses of continuous education for all people, from toddlers to the elderly. The Supreme Court can dictate decisions of executive power and national enforcement, but local and state courts decide every day whether a person is guilty or innocent.

Hot-button issues are under consideration today in state and local governments. How will the public sector use and protect the sensitive data of its constituents? How will law enforcement agencies repair trust with their communities? How will tax dollars go back into the public good?

All of this is on the table, but to improve your community, you have to understand the process of how services are delivered. In this guide, we’ll review how state and local governments are executing decisions that dictate the future of communications, cloud technologies, cybersecurity and the workforce.