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How American Indian Values Can Help Your Workplace

Interdependence American Indian organizations are interdependent. They understand that the success of the organization depends on everyone regardless of their title, role, paycheck or ego. Obligation to Others American Indian organizations realize they are obligated to the success of their members and those they serve. They do not give up on each other no matterRead… Read more »

Where Did All the American Indians Go?

Sarah Shear, an Associate Professor of Social Studies Education at Pennsylvania State University in Altoona, PA along with other researchers spent two years analyzing US history standards to determine what students are learning about American Indians. Their research will be published in the upcoming issue of Theory and Research in Social Education. Shear’s research isRead… Read more »

Project of the Week – Native Cultures 2.0

So much of the 2.0 part of the web is community in collaboration. One of the emerging questions with this technology and tools is – how does it benefit all Americans or help to reach traditionally underserved populations? What caught our attention this month is how native communities are using Web 2.0 tools to enhanceRead… Read more »