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The Art of Influence – Free eBook

What do all of these people have in common? Albert Einstein Mohandas K. Gandhi Bill Gates Micheal Jackson Martin Luther King, Jr. Oprah Winfrey Influence. “The ability to affect others – seen only in its effect – without the exertion of force or formal authority.” Each one of these individuals knew how to harness theRead… Read more »

Influence-Ability: Being The Leader People Want to Follow

Shawn, HR Manager, recently was chosen to lead a special project to streamline all HR processes. Members of the project team include fellow managers throughout the company, including two managers in remote locations. “This project is a nightmare,” Shawn complained. “My team members ignore my e-mails. They ‘forget’ team meetings, or, worse still, they comeRead… Read more »

$1trillion+ in tax breaks now subject to Executive Branch review

Bipartisan legislation signed by President Obama last Tuesday will significantly change the way the government monitors and reports on its own performance. One of the most important reforms contained in the new law is a requirement that targeted tax breaks — or “tax expenditures” — finally be analyzed based on their success in contributing towardRead… Read more »