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Are you interested in teaming with a highly-qualified small business for the NASA Organizational Development consulting, coaching and mediation RFP?

Strategic Partners, Inc. (SPI) is experiencing rapid and dramatic growth and as a result, we are currently looking for the right people to join our team on a contract/consultant basis. SPI, which has been in business since 1996, provides consulting, coaching, and training solutions in the areas of recruiting and retaining employee, developing effective leadership,Read… Read more »

Strategy and Leadership for Innovation: Making it Real, Urgent, and Attainable

Creating a reliable capability for innovation requires that a number of factors be addressed and aligned. This article addresses strategy and leadership, but equally important are culture, process, roles, skills, etc. Our prior article lays out an eight-element framework outlining each of these key factors. To assess your organization’s innovation capability across these dimensions, andRead… Read more »

Moving Forward with Innovation by Looking Back

Most organizations have their unfortunate history of major initiatives thrust on them by well-meaning executives and zealous consultants: total quality, six sigma, employee engagement, knowledge management, and other fads. While all can have their value, the reality of a sudden change in direction – “something completely different” – is a huge leap that often failsRead… Read more »

The Changing Workforce: Four Generations One Workplace

Bridging the gaps among generationsWith four generations constituting today’s work force, the generation gap is alive and well in offices, factories, and warehouses across the country. In fact a recent study from the Society for Human Resource Management reveals that nearly 25% of human resources professionals reported generation conflict in their workplace. Workers notice it,Read… Read more »

Burned Out and Ready To Flip Out if Something Doesn’t Change?

A colleague of mine, Mary Frances-Winters, shared this post on her blog. Stemming from my curiosity surrounding work/life balance, I thought that I should share it and am curious to know your thoughts. You really understand the phrase “learning to do more with less”. They have downsized yet again at your company and again youRead… Read more »

Reflections on the Diversity Conference

Embracing a diverse workforce is one of the most pressing organizational development challenges facing industry today. Many people are interested and invested in the Federal Government enhancing organization’s individual capacity to appropriately manage the multicultural workforce. The good news for those invested in this critical issue came a few weeks ago when President Obama signedRead… Read more »

Eight Key Dimensions to Sustainable Innovation

After attending the Training Officers Consortium Annual Institute and the Diversity Conference this week, I noticed a lot of conversation centered on the need for innovation. A colleague of mine, Andy Beaulieu wrote this article for our blog and thought you all might enjoy it: Our initial article mentioned taking a systems perspective when itRead… Read more »

The Art of Influence – Free eBook

What do all of these people have in common? Albert Einstein Mohandas K. Gandhi Bill Gates Micheal Jackson Martin Luther King, Jr. Oprah Winfrey Influence. “The ability to affect others – seen only in its effect – without the exertion of force or formal authority.” Each one of these individuals knew how to harness theRead… Read more »

Influence-Ability: Being The Leader People Want to Follow

Shawn, HR Manager, recently was chosen to lead a special project to streamline all HR processes. Members of the project team include fellow managers throughout the company, including two managers in remote locations. “This project is a nightmare,” Shawn complained. “My team members ignore my e-mails. They ‘forget’ team meetings, or, worse still, they comeRead… Read more »

Themes from the Federal Mentoring Roundtable

I had a great time last week at the Federal Mentoring Roundtable. It was such a pleasure to see some old friends and to meet new faces. One of the things I enjoy most about attending events like this is getting to hear all the different situations people are encountering. As I was reflecting onRead… Read more »