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Work Smarter, Faster, and With Less Stress

On July 1, 2014 I was honored to be a presenter at the “Work Smarter, Faster, and With Less Stress: 20 Government Productivity Tips” webinar. I presented 21 tips from my featured blogs posts here on GovLoop. They featured productivity tips for individuals and group (meetings and the Briggs/Myers personality types). I wanted to takeRead… Read more »

SUCCESS RULE # 23 – Ask Questions

Unfortunately a lot of people are afraid to ask questions, they see it as a weakness . . . afraid of looking silly. Successful people are successful in part because they’ve learned the art of asking questions. By asking questions you will improve your competencies, effectiveness and your likability. Scientist asks questions to learn more;Read… Read more »

Using the Hourglass to Respond to Questions in a Crisis

Here at EPA, we were quite busy this spring providing information about radiation levels resulting from the earthquake and tsunami that damaged Japanese nuclear reactors. Check out the site! Now we’re thinking about lessons learned, and one thing I came up with was a concept of a question/answer “hourglass,” where we take in questions fromRead… Read more »