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Embedding recommended for Parliament video

Image via Wikipedia The House of Lords shows itself – again – to be the most thoughtful and progressive chamber in a new report ‘Are the Lords listening? Creating connections between people and Parliament’ from its Information Committee. Parliament has some really daft rules against use of video of proceedings, which it has been extremelyRead… Read more »

More on Twitter and the events in Iran

Expanding on the points made by the head of BBC News, Richard Sambrook, about the issues with sorting through the outpouring of tweets from Iran, Kevin Drum writing for Mother Jones underlines some lessons about the way in which Twitter is best used at a moment like this. Firstly he actually quotes me, unwittingly: OneRead… Read more »

Twitter: let the last doubter now shut up

Cartoon by Nikahang Kosar First they came for the newspapers, like they always do. Then they went after the opposition’s leaders, like they always do. Then they shut down the TV, like they always do. Then they cut the telephone lines including the mobile networks. Then they slowed down the internet and tried to blockRead… Read more »